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individual health and PERFORMANCE DATA 

Our performance programs include physiological and metabolic testing that will give you clear data surrounding your current health, nutrition and exercise performance and how to optimise each aspect of your health and exercise performance. 

if you are not testing, you are guessing


The Human Performance Lab combines the very latest in Human Performance Technology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Sport Science to deliver a bespoke and highly personal approach to assessing and improving health and performance. Using the very latest metabolic laboratory equipment, we offer a full range of comprehensive physical assessments tailored to you and your goals that are designed for you to reach your goals faster. 


Our programmes are designed for those who wish to optimise their health, improve body composition and enhance their day-to-day and sports performance. Whether we are designing a race-fuelling strategy for a triathlete, programming for a Formula One driver or creating a sustainable fat loss programme for a busy business professional, our personalised programmes are evidence-based, entirely bespoke and translated to plans that suit any lifestyle or training schedule. 


our services include

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Complete Physiological Assessment

Gain a deeper of understanding of how your metabolism and physiology functions at rest and during exercise with our full array of advanced physiological tests.

Bespoke Nutrition

We create bespoke and individualised nutrition programs that support health, optimise body composition and improve exercise performance.

Metabolic Health

Receive a deeper understanding of your resting and exercise metabolism and learn how to fuel accordingly

Body Composition & Weight Management

Improve and your body composition by using our medically graded BIA technology. Learn more about your fat mass, lean body tissue, visceral fat, hydration status and much more.

V02max Testing

The industry gold standard physiological assessment of aerobic fitness.

Blood chemistry

We offer a full range of specific blood chemistry profiles to give you a deeper understanding of key vitamins, minerals and hormones that are essential for optimal health and performance.

1-1 Consultations

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